Violet's Garden

Violet’s Garden’ opened on 3rd June 2017. Situated within the grounds of the Lichfield and District Crematorium based in Fradley, the garden provides a sanctuary for bereaved parents and their families.

‘For our children:  Forever loved, always remembered’

Violet’s Garden – The Finished Garden

Letters to Heaven

Now you can send your Letter to Heaven. Our special owl post box situated in Violets Garden, allows adults and children to post letters, poems or even pictures to their loved ones and helps provide an outlet for their feelings.

‘We feel this is a lovely way of expressing your love for your child, parent, brother or sister and an important part of the grief journey’

The perfect resting place

Naturally, the planting is predominantly violet in colour; restful and soothing, it is also attractive to butterflies. Varied textures, scents, flowers and foliage offer seasonal interest, while taller trees provide shade and lend a feeling of strength, longevity and permanence. The art installations were commissioned by the family, and are reminiscent of Violet and all children who will remain forever young.

The whole garden is child friendly, easy to access with wheelchairs or buggies, and designed to be used all year round. It is the perfect blend of grief and celebration, just as the family had pictured it. The family are delighted with the results, and an unofficial opening on Violet’s ninth birthday proved to be a poignant but joyful event.

The Build

Work on Violet’s garden began in May 2016, but it soon became clear that the brief was not being met. To the family’s distress, the project was abandoned and the money seemed lost.

However, in late 2016, Dignity plc took over the management of the cemetery and the Charity’s funds recouped. Time to begin again.

Warwick Taylor Landscapes was commissioned to design and build the new memorial garden for Violet and others who had been taken too soon. It was to be a place where quiet contemplation merged with carefree playfulness, and somewhere adults and children alike would feel comfortable and could remember and pay tribute to their loved ones.

As father to two young daughters, director Chris Taylor and his team at Warwick Taylor worked closely with the family to bring to life a garden that reflected Violet’s personality, and celebrate her short but joyful life. Ivan, Violet’s dad, had some ideas of his own, and Chris ensured these were incorporated into the design. Work began on the garden in May, once designs had been approved by Violets in Bloom and Dignity plc, and a completion date was set for 3 June – what would have been Violet’s ninth birthday.

In just three weeks, Warwick Taylor undertook all the groundworks along with the hard and soft landscaping, installation of amazing play equipment, bespoke art installations and memorials. The design features a beautiful tunnelled walkway that leads visitors into the garden, where a specially commissioned granite statue of Violet, depicted as a superhero, is located.

Mature yew hedges divide the garden into smaller ‘rooms’, with living green walls to create a feeling of security and safety. Archways lead from one zone to another, enticing visitors to explore the garden without creating a feeling of sensory overload. Carefully planted zones offer seating and private areas for contemplation, while other parts of the garden feature lawns for picnicking and play.

Violet’s Garden – The Plans

Violet’s Garden – The Build


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Violet's Lodge

Violets in Bloom is delighted to announce the purchase of its wonderful retreat for bereaved parents and children ‘Violet Lodge’. Nestled in Snowdonia, Wales, the rustic log cabin will provide a lovely haven for mothers, fathers and children to help them to deal with their loss in peaceful surroundings, and to help them to connect with their loved ones.

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